Thursday, February 16, 2017

Happy Coincidence, Awesome Outcome

Last summer, Peter Jung posted the picture below, showing the view at sunset from Promenade Hill, on Facebook and asked, of no one in particular, if the utility poles that studded the slope of the bluff had any function and wondered why, if they didn't, they were still there.

Photo: Peter Jung
Mayor Tiffany Martin Hamilton saw Jung's Facebook post and decided to try to do something about it. She began by contacting CSX, since she'd been advised that the utility poles related to the railroad. It turns out the poles belonged to Amtrak, and several weeks ago, as part of a general cleanup and maintenance project unrelated to the desires of those savoring the view from Promenade Hill, the poles were removed.

Photo: Peter Jung
How's that for a pleasant surprise in the bleak midwinter?


  1. A small but very nice improvement. Three cheers for Peter's observation and the Mayor's action.

  2. Oh, well done. This is a huge improvement. A heartfelt thank you to all involved.

  3. What a difference a pole pulling makes. Beautiful!

  4. now let's get to those lovely power lines crossing the river. Go Mayor, you can do it!

    1. It's a maze trying to find updates on the various transmission line alternatives, but the City ought to learn whether or not submarine placement of the Leeds to Mt. Merino lines is still in the offing.

      There was a potential to do this in the initial proposal by NextEra, but the company, which visited Hudson to see the ugliness for themselves was surprised to find that nobody in the City showed any interest (okay, two people, one of whom was Mr. Jung).

      Granted, that was during a previous mayor and a previous Common Council, and the City did not yet have a Conservation Advisory Council. All the more reason why the potential to hide the power lines ought to be reinvestigated, and at the earliest opportunity.

  5. With a perfect storm of infrastructure spending brewing, making the entire eastern shore of the Hudson "great again" by moving rails inland, could be a project that the "developer in chief" and the (NY) opposition party might be able to agree on.