Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Watch the Meeting for Yourself

Dan Udell's video of Monday night's Police Committee meeting can now be viewed on YouTube.



  1. I attended a professionally-run meeting in and by the Town of Greenport this evening. By comparison, the meeting I'm now watching online, courtesy of the Udell's, could be called "The Henry Show."

    It's unseemly for the Chair of any committee or board to insert themselves so vehemently between the subject matter and the greater dialogue, particularly when the content on offer hardly justifies the intrusion.

    The overriding theme was the identity of the speaker, and not what he was saying.

    What many were calling the "rudeness" of the Chair was political posturing, a great thrashing about indulged at the expense of the public and the committee.

    Whatever you think you're doing Henry, stop it. Instead, consider what it means to honor your office.

  2. I forgot to thank Alderman Friedman for his sensible advice to the City which was creating unnecessary confusions for itself.

    Presenting the Executive Order and the proposed Resolution as being consistent enough with the City's existing policies, Mr. Friedman recommended greater communication between the organs of local government to facilitate what should really be a trouble-free affair.

    That was sage advice, greatly appreciated.