Thursday, February 23, 2017

Nothing Is Ever Easy

This afternoon, the Hudson Police Officers Union reacted in a press release to the order issued by Police Commissioner Martha Harvey and Mayor Tiffany Martin Hamilton earlier this week. The press release reads in part:
The Members of Local 3979 want to be clear that they do not agree with the order. There exist reasonable questions as to whether the order is constitutional or whether it complies with the City Charter as claimed by the Police Commissioner and the Mayor. The Members of Local 3979, proudly serve the citizens of the City of Hudson, and in doing so, we work with and assist other local, state and federal law enforcement agencies in keeping our citizens safe.
We believe that this order is a political statement by the Police Commissioner and Mayor on recent executive orders issued by President Trump. By issuing the order, the Police Commissioner and the Mayor are limiting the ability of duly sworn law enforcement officers from doing their job and enforcing the laws they are sworn to uphold. Law enforcement shouldn't be limited or modified by two individuals who have no experience in enforcing laws and keeping the community safe.
The press release calls for the order to be rescinded. Click here to read the press release in its entirety.


  1. "Cecillia Wang, an American Civil Liberties Union attorney, said police bosses who want to get into immigration enforcement should consider what happened when 100 of Arpaio's deputies were given the federal arrest power.
    The longtime sheriff used the authority to carry out traffic patrols that targeted immigrants. The patrols were later discredited in a lawsuit in which a federal judge concluded Arpaio's officers had racially profiled Latinos. The lawsuit so far cost county taxpayers $50 million."

  2. So now the cops are telling us what they are going to do. Welcome to the new police state. They just want to put on their super cool riot gear and join in with their other brethren and smash heads

    1. The Officers Union has expressed disagreement, and that is all.

      The only parties telling anyone else what to do are the mayor and the commissioner, following their prerogative.