Sunday, February 5, 2017

"One Nation Indivisible . . ."

If you have heard about the Indivisible Movement and are looking for a way to get involved, the local group, Blue Dot Hudson, which is one of more than three thousand such groups around the country, now has a website where you can find resources and learn about events and daily actions.

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  1. Like many the frustration of tweeting and posting left me hoping for practical actions that could be implemented in opposing the frightening agendas of our newly installed govt as I watched our Democracy dissipate into an authoritarian oligarchy. Just in time this guide ny a group of thirty plus congressional aides showed up in my FB page. I read the 32 page documentt which focused on where we have power in our own congresses districts and the senators in our home states. knew it could work if I joined with some like minded people. I did and it is. It has grown nationally exponentially. It is empowering and has restored the mist important thing one must have during days if darkness:HOPE. Apathy is hatred' ally. NEVER AGAIN. Not now. Not ever. Not here. Together we can keep American values in america. a day at a time one action at a time one human lifting another we will inch closer to equality and justice for all