Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hudson Historic Districts

A map now exists of our locally designated historic districts, which includes a list (along the right) of all the individually designated sites. Enormous thanks go to Bob Mechling for using his considerable skills in the service of historic preservation to put this together and to City Clerk Tracy Delaney for so promptly responding to my FOIL request and providing all the boundary descriptions.

The map is being distributed to all the members of the Historic Preservation Commission and will soon be on the City of Hudson website.


  1. Thanks, Carole (and Bob). I'm curious as to what exact point on Columbia Street between 5th and 6th streets it goes from being non-designated to designated. All the other boundaries are relatively clear; this one is chopped mid-block.

  2. Lisa--Here's the actual boundary description for that area: "east on Prison Alley to the western lot line of the municipal parking lot in the 500 block to a point even with western lot line of 546 Columbia Street, turns north and runs along the western lot lines of 546 Columbia and 549 State Streets across State Street to the rear (northern) lot lines of 554-728 State Street. . . ."