Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hudson Terrace Update

Work continues at Hudson Terrace. The southernmost building is now almost completely clad in its new vinyl siding. According to the information I've received, the white at ground level is meant to be painted to match the siding, and the buildings will not all be the same color. They will alternate between this mossy green and dark blue--I expect not dissimilar to the blue used at Crosswinds. I've also learned that Cheryl Roberts has drawings that show what Evergreen Partners is planning for the complex, although I don't know how long she has had them.


  1. I won't say they are making a silk purse ... but what they are doing is far better than I ever imagined could happen to these lumps !

  2. I can now answer my own musing about how long Cheryl Roberts was in possession of the drawings for Hudson Terrace. She was handed the drawings by Mayor Scalera minutes before the Historic Preservation Commission meeting last Friday, and she promptly turned them over to Tom Swope, HPC chair--before or at the beginning of the meeting. David Voorhees, a member of the HPC, has told me that he saw them when Swope had them.