Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Mushroom Factory

I often puzzled over this photograph from Historic Hudson's Rowles Studio Collection, unable to identify the building. Then a year or so ago, Lisa Durfee discovered two images of Hudson on Flickr and spliced them together to reveal an intersection where one street deadends into another.

More investigation and contact with the woman who'd posted the snapshots online enabled Lisa to identify the place and time the pictures were taken: the corner of Columbia and First streets in 1953. The big building in the background--the same building seen in the Rowles picture--is the Mushroom Factory, where mushrooms were cleaned and canned, which stood near the corner of Columbia and Second streets, where Providence Hall is today.

Go to Lisa's blog The Tainted Lady Lounge for a comparison of the 1953 pictures with the setting as it is today.

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