Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Domino Effect

A house was demolished on Fairview Avenue to make way for a bigger and better Stewart's convenience store--a building that breaches the streetscape by sitting much closer to the sidewalk than the rest of the buildings on the block. Now the next two houses up from the not yet completed Stewart's building are for sale.

On the opposite side of the street, these two houses also have "For Sale" signs on their front lawns.

It seems the giant new Stewart's is not being universally embraced as the boon to the neighborhood that some thought it would be.


  1. I don't know anything about the houses on the west side of fairview, but as far as the 2 houses on the east side of Fairview are concerned their being put on the market (one already sold) has nothing to do with Stewarts. Both those houses are owned by the same family who have occupied them for 2 generations that I know of. The patriarch in fact was vocally supportive of Stewart's expansion from the beginning and, to my knowledge, continues to believe it is a net positive for the city and the neighborhood (I have no opinion on the issue myself). The decision to sell the houses was made as the second generation, now parents to the third, are opting to raise their kids in the rural parts of the county and the first generation is finishing building a new home near where their grandkids will be living.

  2. when all those houses were built this intersection/portion of Fairview Ave was likely pretty quiet, with horses' hooves maybe making the most noise. Who wants to live on a truck route, on a busy street that will only get busier with traffic headed to grab a Coke and sandwich at the wonderful new Stewart's? As long as the truck route snakes its way through town, Hudson will never be able to achieve its potential. It's like a cancer.

  3. No one want to live next to a commercial business that has constant noise and light pollution - why do you think the houses that were torn down got into such a state???