Monday, March 11, 2024

About Trucks in the City

This morning, Councilmember Margaret Morris (First Ward), who chairs the ad hoc Truck Route Committee, issued this statement, "to clarify what the status is and what the definitions are."
Status of Special Dimension Vehicles Within the City of Hudson
Following communication with the NYSDOT, the following has been determined.
Special Dimension Vehicles (SDVs) are defined as trucks greater in length than 48’ or tandem trucks.
SDVs are not legal on 9G/23B north of the L&B Products (now Antique Warehouse). Access to this depot was established to allow SDVs to access the depot from route 23. Per the NYSDOT:
“If a special dimension vehicle, such as a 53’ tractor trailer, is traveling on a road or segment of road that is not designated as an access highway, then the driver risks getting pulled over by law enforcement.”
SDVs are only allowed on road that is not designated as an access highway if that road is within one road mile of a qualifying highway. Again, per the NYSDOT:
“There are no qualifying highways in the immediate vicinity of the City of Hudson.”
The City is required to provide access for through traffic SDVs entering the City from the south on route 9, from the north on route 9, from the east on 23B, or from the north on 66. These SDVs need to be provided access to exit the City on one of these routes.
Please feel free to contact Margaret Morris at for any further information.


  1. The complexity of this statement alone demonstrates the challenge it would be to inform and enforce this, as others have mentioned in earlier posts. The only way any of this will work is if the state steps in and forces or builds a route that circumvents the narrow streets of Hudson and would be more efficient that the trucks would also want to use them anyway. Until then, it's just a shell game between 3rd St or Worth Ave that pits the city against itself. And Claverack and Greenport won't do a thing until the state forces them. Why would they?

  2. Yeah, it seems that this is of no help to us. I don't think it's even a first step in ridding our streets of pass through trucks. Getting rid of a portion or two of the truck route isn't going to get it done, especially if enforcement is going to be difficult or non-existent. Seems to me like a waste of time and effort.

  3. So, this clarifies that trucks can in fact use the truck route through Hudson?