Friday, March 8, 2024

News from the Truck Route Committee Meeting

The information contained in the communication from the NYS Department of Transportation (DOT)--that it was illegal for tractor trailers to proceed beyond the turnoff to the building that now houses the Antiques Warehouse--was, as predicted, the main topic of discussion at the meeting of the Common Council ad hoc Truck Route Committee last night.

Councilmember Margaret Morris (First Ward), who chairs the committee, reported that she and Jason Foster, now Commissioner of Public Works, met with DOT last week, and DOT was willing to put up advisory signage on Route 23, informing truckers that Route 9G was not a route through the City of Hudson. She also reported on a meeting she and Foster had that morning with Chief Mishanda Franklin and Police Commissioner Shane Bower about enforcing the illegality of trucks proceeding beyond the point at which Route 9G is no longer a designated access road. Morris reported that Franklin and Bower are willing to look at enforcing the limitation, particularly exploring at what point trucks could be pulled over and required to turn back. The question of signage for trucks traveling from north to south through Hudson was also discussed.

The committee also took up the issue of safety measures on Park Place. Morris shared the suggestion that a bell bollard be installed at the corner of Warren and Park Place to discourage trucks from jumping the curb when making the turn off Warren onto Park Place. Photos of two types of bollards were presented to the committee. Morris commented that the bollard with the vertical element would help pedestrians know that this was a dangerous corner.

Councilmember Dewan Sarowar (Second Ward) asked, "If there is an accident from a truck hitting the bollard, who is liable?" Morris responded, "The bollard is on the sidewalk. A truck shouldn't be there."


  1. "Enforcing the illegality of trucks proceeding beyond the point..." So, again, an HPD officer getting paid 40 or 50 dollars an hour waits on the bay road to stop trucks that may be making a delivery in the city or passing through. "Where you headed to, buddy?" This is what we want to pay Hudson Police officers to do to keep us safe? Why would anyone want to be a HPD officer? "Get out there and keep the bad trucks out of the city."
    Where would they pull over a tractor trailer rig on the bay road that wouldn't make the road more dangerous? There's no shoulder to speak of.
    DOT signage on 23 near the intersection with 9G after the bridge might be helpful, but where will those trucks go instead? To route 9, then Worth Avenue and into downtown and on through the city via Green Street?

    1. I believe the starting pay for HPD equals around $22 an hour. And even after 10 years of service it's still not $40.

    2. Officers make more money than you think. I know of one patrol officer who makes over $82,000 a year. Before he passed away recently, Sgt. Filli was taking home over $102,000 a year, or about 50 bucks an hour. He patrolled the city, too.
      Give me the name of an officer, I can tell you how much they made last year.

  2. A bell bollard, one more ugly thing to trip over on the sidewalk. Then a truck or two will destroy it. Buy another. Install. Repeat.