Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Ear to the Ground

At the informal Common Council meeting last Monday, Nick Pierro, who was presenting the Fire Department's monthly report, revealed that 202-204 Warren Street had been sold, and the tenants in the building had been moved to 501 Union Street, a building owned by Galvan Initiatives Foundation.

The building in question, 202-204 Warren Street, also known as the Brouseau Building, was acquired in 2003 by Galvan Partners (Eric Galloway and Henry van Ameringen). It was emptied of tenants, stripped of its original porticos, and left standing empty for a decade or so. In 2015, when the restoration of the building, which began in 2014, was completed, Galvan announced in the press release:
The four residential units are spacious two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartments rented for only $923 a month. Two units are rented to Camphill Hudson as life sharing homes for adults with developmental disabilities. Galvan Foundation sought to collaborate with Camphill Hudson after learning about their innovative programs and life-sharing homes in the City of Hudson.

Over the years, ownership of 202-204 Warren Street has shifted from Galvan Partners to Galvan Initiatives Foundation to Galvan Civic I, Inc. In the assessment roll for 2023, Galvan Civic I, Inc., is listed as the owner of 202-204 Warren Street. In the tentative roll for 2024, the owner of the building is given as 202-204 Warren Street LLC. Some research uncovered the information that the person identified as the chief executive officer of 202-204 Warren Street LLC is also the chief executive officer of 260 Warren Group LLC, a limited liability corporation formed on January 8, 2024. The county assessment roll indicates that 260 Warren Street, formerly the location of Lawrence Park, was sold by Galvan Civic Housing LLC to 342 Lex Group LLC for $1,225,501 in October 2021.



  1. From what I heard a couple of months ago, all of 501 Union will be Camphill tenants. But I could be misinformed?

    1. You were not misinformed. That seems to be what has happened.