Saturday, March 9, 2024

GPS Made Me Do It

Bizarrely, yesterday another truck ended up on South Second Street with the only recourse being executing a turn onto Allen Street. 

Photo: John Cody

Something similar happened in the summer of 2022

In that case, the truck was able to execute a left turn onto Allen Street, after a parked car was moved. Yesterday, encountering the barrier that prevents vehicles from rolling down the hill beside the Second Street stairs and unable to manage either a left or right turn, the truck simply backed up. How far it backed up and how it ultimately found its way out of the city is not known. Also unknown is what the truck was doing there in the first place. It was transporting vehicles, and since there are no car dealerships--new or used--within the city limits, it's pretty clear that is was not making a local delivery. 

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  1. If such a thing exists, Hudson should employ a GPS jamming device for the entire city which somehow targets only GPS systems inside cabs pulling tractor trailers. This is the only (partial) solution to our problem.