Monday, November 19, 2012

A Novel Idea for "Black Friday"

"On the largest shopping day of the year, don't just shop local--swap local!" That's the invitation being extended to the community this holiday season by Hudson Wellness Collective--"to participate in the Gift Economy and enjoy an alternative to disposable culture." If you have usable gift items--for example, something you were given but never used or something you bought for Great-aunt Lucy in Iowa but never mailed--bring them to 514 Warren Street on November 23, from 2 to 5 p.m. Even of you don't have items to add to the swap, you can come in and browse and maybe find a gift or two for people on your holiday shopping list. Suggested items include: "housewares, toys, clothing, winter coats, shoes, books, &c. . . . stuff you wouldn't mind receiving or giving!"

On Friday too donations will be accepted for Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. Still needed are nonperishable foods and canned goods, aluminum pans, baby food and baby supplies, toilet paper and paper towels, adult diapers (all sizes), cleaning supplies, bleach, saline solution, water, flashlights, batteries, work gloves, sleeping bags, blankets--but no clothing at this time. Click here to find updated lists of items needed.

Photograph by Peter Blandori from Winter Walk

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  1. I will be joining the Corporate Action Network at Wal-Mart in Greenport Thursday evening protesting Wal-Mart low wages and being open on Thanksgiving.