Friday, November 23, 2012

Time and Again

Last month Gossips published a photograph sent by Tom D'Onofrio of the waterfront taken from the deck of the Hudson-Athens ferry and challenged readers to identify the buildings that appear in the picture. Timothy O'Connor set his own challenge: to take a picture today from the same vantage point on the river. Here is the result. 

What is clear from comparing the two pictures is that none of the buildings that appear in the earlier picture still exists today.   


  1. Thanks. Many appreciate the before and afters...I amone of them.

  2. The building at the center of the top photo (or perhaps the building on the extreme right) could be at the site of the Hudson Power Boat Association building. In any case, the HPBA building (shown in the lower photo on the right) may still exist today -- in modified form.

    1. You're absolutely right, Ian. When I made the statement, I was focused on the buildings behind what was once the ferry depot and now is the Hudson Power Boat Association clubhouse.

    2. The roof at the center of the old photo is gone today. The ferry slip is to the right of it (downriver), as evidenced by the wake.

      At the far right, it's true that parts of the HPBA clubhouse line up between the two photos, but they do so imperfectly.

      In the historical photo there's no building beneath. The structure resembles a gigantic picnic shelter.

      The posts holding up the old roof may be the same today, but the roof itself - which obviously sports the same roofline - appears to extend further out from the below the crook, which may mean it's a new roof. If it is the same roof, then a fascia has been added to it.

      Perhaps someone at the HPBA knows exactly how much of the old roof was saved and built upon, if any.

      For all I know, the old posts may continue inside the current building.

  3. Is it correct to state that the HPBA has taken control of the entire riverfront from their private club, along the boat launch parking lot, & has boat docks north of the boat launch along the river banks, which I believe is "private" too.
    At times when I visit Hudson in the Summer it's a challenge to see the river (due to all the docked boats)when parked in the NY State Park, aka boat launch.
    So will Hudson's newest riverfront remain free from boat docks, buildings or is it possible that the future will bring more boat docks along the riverfront.
    I guess my question is does the HPBA own the rights to Hudson's waterfront?

  4. The Hudson Power Boat Association owns three parcels.

    From the clubhouse to the corner of Ferry and Water Streets are two adjoining parcels.

    They also own everything north of the state boat launch to Dock Street, which they bought from the HDC in the mid-1980s for $1.00. Probably nobody else wanted it.

  5. Unless something has changed, along the entire Columbia County coastline, there are exactly four (count 'em, FOUR) slips for transient boaters. Lots and lots of business is NOT being done with potential waterborne tourists.

    -- Jock Spivy