Monday, November 26, 2012

More News About News

A reader brought to Gossips' attention a development in Bangor, Maine, that seems not entirely unlike something that happened recently right here in Rivertown: "Maine Anchors Resign Live On Air Citing Manipulation of News." 


  1. An organized boycott is an effective way to send a message above the heads of local management to owners and sponsors.

    Combined with that effort, the ex-Register Star journalists should consider becoming independent online publishers of local news. I'm sure they'd be able to lure some of their old colleagues to join them.

  2. How unfortunate yet exciting that ethical behavior is getting respect these days.

  3. I was glad to see yesterday on MSNBC- "UP with Chris Hayes",he brought up the Anchors on air resignation story and spoke about ethics in journalism - broadcast news.
    On Furgary Community Board, Lance Wheeler posted his video,which edited version kicked off CBS6 in Albany 11:00 news.No mention of reporters at all. Unfortunately ,it had the desired effect,on some people,but was very glad to see ,in comments ,people bring it back to the real story of the fired R.S. reporter and the 2 other reporters and an editor who resigned,in protest,on ethical grounds;Instead of burying it with this totally ridiculous farce with it's focus exclusively , on whether or not an Alderman stood for the pledge or not.
    Part of one my favorite comments,came from a very hard core Fugarian,
    that's extremely angry ,understandably,by the Furgary seizure by "City"
    "...the thieves that have been stealing all recite the pledge dutifully. i'll bet they can recite the 10 commandments too. so what? you have the fox guarding the hen house because he recites the pledge of allegiance?.... "