Friday, November 2, 2012

School Scandal Update

In an ongoing demonstration that, when it comes to the Hudson City School District, taxpayers don't get what they pay for, Billy Shannon reports in today's Register-Star that Tom Gavin, principal of Hudson High School, who was accused of sexual harassment a month ago, has for the past month been suspended from his job but continues to collect his $123,194 annual salary: "Gavin remains on paid leave." The article reports that no information has been forthcoming about the ongoing investigation into the allegations.

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  1. Without commenting on the specific charges against Gavin, I would suggest that if we are concerned about the waste of taxpayer money here, we need to talk to our state legislators, who have allowed the unions to shackle the system with so many rules and regulations that you can't fire anyone. I don't mean to suggest that Gavin should be fired or that unions are bad, but the public needs to know that it (through its representatives) has created a system that is incredibly expensive, leaving administrators like Ms. Suttmeier (the superintendent) with nothing but bad choices. --peter meyer (former school board member)