Friday, November 16, 2012

Hudson in 1905: Part 81

The following is an excerpt from the booklet Illustrated Hudson, N.Y., published in 1905.

C. F. BOOTH--Portrait Photographer. No. 545 Warren street. A most important illustration of the metropolitan character of Hudson is found in the business conducted by Mr. Booth. This studio has been in existence for the past six years, and is by far the finest quarters in the city, consisting of seven finely furnished rooms, fitted up with elegance and style. Mr. Booth is acknowledged to be an expert and artistic photographer, understanding every minor detail of the art, and doing all his own work. Portraits are made at $4.00 per dozen and upwards, the best portraits to be secured anywhere in this section of the State for such reasonable terms. Although Mr., Booth controls a large trade, he devotes some time to amateur photographic work, such as printing, developing and printing [sic]. Nothing except the best work at the fairest prices to be found at the Booth studio.

545 Warren Street today--Ammi Ribar Antiques & Fine Period Frames
Gossips Note: Readers with good memories will recall that, according to an earlier entry from Illustrated Hudson, Sheldon's Bazaar was located at 545 Warren Street. An explanation of the duplication may be that the "seven finely furnished rooms" that made up C. F. Booth's studio were located on the second floor.  

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  1. Every day or so Carole Osterink offers here another tasty treat in the Hudson feast from 1905 she has been giving us. These lovely images from a century ago are paired with the way things look today. Usually 1905 wins out when (then) handsome and intact 18th and 19th c. buildings are compared with what they became in the 20th century: stripped of detail, (de)faced with 50s store fronts, or frumpily Gallowegionized, or in all too many cases demolished, leaving a dead and empty lot where living history once stood.What she has done and is doing is marvelous and deserves to be a book. I for one, from afar, am very grateful to Carole-Hudson's best historian--for the immense amount of time and labor she has expended to keep Hudson's architectural history before our eyes, even if it is often a melancholy enterprise. --Byrne Fone