Thursday, November 15, 2012

Back to Claverack

Nathan Mayberg reports today in the Register-Star that the Columbia County courthouse will be taking up temporary residence in the old Claverack School during the year-long renovations to the courthouse here in Hudson: "County courthouse moving to Claverack during renovations." The building they will be moving to belongs to the Hudson City School District, and the County will be paying $110,000 for a year's rent, plus utilities and maintenance. Let's review. The County is paying $9 million for the renovations and $110,000 in rent to HCSD, but the City of Hudson had to reduce the County's fee for a building permit from $38,728 to $12,000. 

The first Columbia County courthouse was located in Claverack, in this building just up the road from the temporary digs. The building was constructed in 1786--the year Columbia County was founded--and continued to be used as the courthouse until 1806, when the county seat moved to Hudson.

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  1. Why aren't they using the Ockawamick school, which the county already owns, sits underutilized,& they're paying utilities on?