Thursday, November 8, 2012

Back to the Waterfront

In the continuing quest to document what has been lost through time on the Hudson waterfront, Gossips got some help from a reader recently, who sent this picture of Hubbel Corner, which was located at the corner of Ferry and Water streets. 

The picture, which is reproduced in A Pictorial History of Columbia County, published by Hudson-Catskill Newspapers, appears to be a newspaper clipping, but there is no information about the date of the newspaper, although it's presumably 20th century, or the date of the picture, although it's obviously 19th century. The caption reads:
One of Hudson's century old landmarks, located at the corner of Ferry and Water streets, continues to defy the ravages of time. For many years, Hubbel's "Golden Bitters," a widely known preparation, was manufactured here by George C. Hubbel & Co. The product enjoyed extensive sale and its name was linked with Hudson over a broad area for many years. Later the building was the Columbia Knitting Co. which later was moved to Virginia to be nearer the cotton fields of the South. In the day of steamboating this was one of Hudson's busiest corners.  
Seeking more information about Hubbel Corner, Gossips discovered this advertisement, which appeared in the Hudson Evening Register exactly 140 years ago today.

The ad, which ran in 1872, makes no mention of Hubbel's Golden Bitters. Instead it promotes Hubbel's Medicated Cabinet Brandy, described as being "For Summer Complaints."

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