Thursday, November 8, 2012

Hudson in 1905: Part 73

The following excerpt is from the booklet Illustrated Hudson, N.Y., published 1905.

W. HENRY SCHIFFER--Elks Theatre Cafe. City Hall Place. An excellent and important feature of this place is the clam bakes that are given each year in season under the management of the proprietor. Upon all such occasions a large crowd is in attendance, and the finest of times is enjoyed. The Elks Theatre is among the neatest of its kind in the city, and has been established for about three years. Mr. Schiffer is extremely popular with his patrons, giving the best in the line of ales, wines, liquors, and cigars, and making it his business to attend to them in a proper and cordial manner. He keeps in this employ two very excellent barkeepers, who know their trade thoroughly and who can mix the finest concoctions of liquors to be had anywhere in the town. The cafe is beautifully appointed, with up-to-date fixtures and surroundings. A specialty of the house is the bottling of liquors for family use.

Historic picture of building that was the Elks Theatre Cafe

The building--13 City Hall Place--today

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  1. In the 80's there were three businesses such as "The Opera House Associates" whose purpose was to buy up neglected Hudson properties and strip them of their architectural wealth.

    "The Opera House Associates" were named such because they owned the opera house and used it to warehouse their booty.

    The Elks Theater Cafe was reputed to yield the most glorious of leaded glass partitions designed as dividers between seating areas.