Sunday, November 11, 2012

Hudson in 1905: Part 76

The following is an excerpt from the booklet Illustrated Hudson, N.Y., published in 1905.

HUDSON FIBRE COMPANY--Manufacturers of Cotton, Wool, Flax, and other fibre batting for the upholstering and furniture trade. Henry Hudson, President and Treasurer. Chas. H. Hudson, Vice-President and Secretary. This industry has been established in Hudson since 1892, and has been prominent in the industrial life of the city. The principal product of the company is the manufacturing of cotton and wool felts for the making of quilts, comfortables, mattresses, cushions, and upholstering goods. In the production of these materials a most modern plant is in operation, and everything in the way of the most improved machinery is used. The building occupied is two stories on ground of 200x300 feet in dimensions, and a force of sixty people is employed, the majority of whom are skilled operatives in their various departments.

Plant of the Hudson Fibre Company from Illustrated Hudson, N.Y.

The site of the plant today--mostly the parking lot of Hudson City Centre

Gossips Note: Henry Hudson, the president and treasurer of the Hudson Fibre Company, was also the mayor of Hudson in 1909 when the Hudson-Fulton Tricentennial was celebrated. His picture hangs on the wall of the Common Council chamber in City Hall, almost right above the door to the hallway that leads to the treasurer's office.


  1. All these big buildings of employment and business just wiped off the face of Hudsons earth !

  2. The 1905 pic showing the Hudson Fibre Co building recalls to mind that on the same grounds (possibly the same right side building)housed the Lorbrook Co. that made various textile products, especially for the auto industry. Lorbrook also had a plant in Greenport, that building still exists. Lorbrook closed the plants in the late 1970's.(?)Not sure of the date.
    One must remember that Hudson/Greenport was home for many international companies, many lasted into the late 1970's early 1980's.
    And yes Vincent you are 100% correct in your comment........"just wiped off the face Hudson's earth".
    Some gossips of Hudson, born & employed there, say it was plan by the NYS & local Gov't to close all the factories so that Hudson could evolve into what it is today.

  3. So real blue collar industry has been erased to make way for the industry of poverty.

    Now I understand.

  4. Henry Hudson's greatest contribution in 1905 was giving away his neice Jane Atherton Wilson to my great grandfather Charles Woodworth Clapper on 14 June at his home at 514 Warren St.

    Henry and his wife Anna Atherton did not have any children of their own. Charles Hudson was adopted and died in 1912. Henry died in 1931.