Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hudson in 1905: Part 85

The following is an excerpt from the booklet Illustrated Hudson, N.Y., published in 1905.

THE ALBANY AND HUDSON RAILROAD COMPANY--A notable and pleasant feature of traveling in Columbia and Rennselaer counties is encountered when one boards an electric coach of the Albany and Hudson Railway for any point between the cities of Albany and Hudson. This road operates an extraordinary, heavy-truck, massive and speedy third rail system; covering thirty-seven miles of territory and making an average speed of fifty miles an hour. The country through which the road passes is famous the world over for its picturesqueness and scenic beauty; while, at the same time, there are many points of historic interest all along the route. The active imagination will grasp the picture as a whole in an instant when there is placed before it the beautiful Catskills looming up in the distance. Such sights enhance a thousandfold the pleasure of a trip over this road. One is stuck by the fine residential sites that constantly come to view; rich lands where summer and even permanent homes might be made to advantage. The Albany and Hudson Railroad Company was organized in 1903. They were the pioneer third railers of the State of New York, and have enjoyed since the very beginning complete success in the venture. The company own and control their own power house at Stuyvesant Falls, with sub-stations at North Chatham and Hudson. From these there is available constantly some 4,000 horse power, which is utilized not only for running cars but also for supplying electric lighting current and furnishing motor power for various manufactories and mills located within the company's field of operation. The general manager of the company is Mr. George G. Blakeslee, and under his supervision the road has become immensely popular, until the present day beholds it the best constructed third rail system in the country. The line is open from 6 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. There are sixteen cars in operation, every one of which displays the acme of street car construction, 33 feet long and possessing a seating capacity of 60. The schedule is arranged for hourly service from Albany and Hudson, stopping at Rensselaer, Greenbush, Nassau, North Chatham, Niverville, Valatie, Kinderhook, Stuyvesant Falls, Rossman, Stockport Centre, Stottville, and Hudson, besides many flag stations. A special feature of the Albany and Hudson Railway is the excursion traffic, which continues throughout the summer months. There are many points of inter for pleasure seekers and excursionists along the line, including the celebrated Electric Park, situated midway between Albany and Hudson, on the shores of the beautiful Kinderhook Lake. Shady nooks along the shores of the lake; amusements of every variety, including a large open air theatre, where most excellent vaudeville attractions are given afternoon and evening; beautiful electric displays every night; these with many other natural beauties may be enjoyed, through the thoughtfulness of the men who first proposed the present A. & H. Railroad. No intoxicants are permitted on the grounds, and the place is an excellent resort for all church and other society picnics or excursions. Special rates on the railway are given to all such parties.

Scenes from the Electric Park at Kinderhook Lake

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  1. Man,as a non-driver,I am so envious of those days around here.My primary doctor's dermatologist is in Valatie.Not being from here it,may as well been on the moon.There is one bus from here in the early morning and one coming back at 5pm.My appt was at 9am and I spent the rest of the day exploring Kinderhook and thier library.
    It would have been alot more exciting ,if Electric Park was still there!
    It all sounds so modern and ecologically friendly.
    Things certainly went backwards,around here.
    I can get on Amtrak and go to Mexico,but I can't get a bus to Catskill.Let alone all those stops from here to Albany,once an hour,on a beautiful electric train.