Friday, November 23, 2012

Hudson in 1905: Part 88

The following is an excerpt from Illustrated Hudson, N.Y., published in 1905.

HOTEL ALBANY--Corner Union and Front streets. Andy Funk, proprietor. Mr. Funk established this business here two years ago, and since that time has built up a very fine patronage. His rooms are always kept neat and clean, and everything is done to make his guests comfortable in every way. The rates charged are $2.00 per day, and when all is taken into consideration the price is very moderate. A specialty of the house is the fine bar operated in connection, and here all the choicest viands that would appease the inner man are dispensed by a first-class mixer. Mr. Funk is a business man who knows how to cater to the trade he desires, and in this respect he has a fine business.

The site of the Hotel Albany today--the vacant lot at 28 South Front Street


  1. Hi, Carole:
    I have been enjoying your posts on 1905 Hudson. My great grandfather and grandmother (Saul and Hoda Wilson) and their family (children Nina, Joe, Ben and Esther) lived in Hudson from 1897 through 1904 or 5.

    When I was in Hudson this past summer I tried to find 24 South Front where my relatives lived in 1903 (as identified in a Hudson directory). Since 20 and 22 S. Front are the Front Street Guest House (on the facing corner of Union & S. Front), I thought the lot you pictured would have been 24 S. Front.

    Did the numbers change?

    1. Emily--I don't think the numbers changed on Front Street, but with so many buildings now missing, it's hard to tell which numbers were assigned to which buildings. A fact that complicates things is that the lots in Hudson, as they were originally laid out, were only 26 feet wide, so a building of any size covered several lots, and it seemed that it was left to the building owner's discretion to decide which number (or numbers) would be used.

      My conclusion that the Hotel Albany stood on this site was based on the following evidence: Illustrated Hudson says it was on the corner of Union and Front streets; the 1905 Hudson directory gave its address as 28 S. Front; the surviving building that adjoins the vacant lot to the south has the numbers 30-32.

      If asked, I would have guessed that 24 S. Front would have been part of the building that until recently was the Front Street Guest House.