Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hudson in 1905: Part 93

The following is an excerpt from the booklet Illustrated Hudson, N.Y., published in 1905.

CONNELLY BROTHERS--Bakers and Confectioners. Nos. 7 and 9 North Third street. H. R. Telephone 9-A. For a choice line of goods in their particular business there is no better place to go than to the store conducted by the Connelly Brothers. They started in this establishment only a few years ago, and have now one of the most genteel trades in Hudson. They solicit private business, feeling that they can guarantee the highest satisfaction in that particular way. Their store is exquisitely appointed and the quality of the goods placed on the market by this firm has never been known to vary from its high state of perfection. Three experienced bakers and confectioners are kept busy by the many orders that come in continually. There are two clerks engaged to take care of the store trade. The proprietors are Messrs. T. and J. Connelly, both of whom are thoroughly reliable business men.

7 and 9 North Third Street today--on the side of the still vacant 260 Warren Street
Gossips Note: When I was taking the above picture this past weekend, I noticed for the first time that the building's windows, which had been covered with flapping sheets of plastic (see picture below), were now securely boarded up. Although I am not certain when this change was made, it happened at some point after Gossips' November 4 post "Welcome to Hudson." An email to Peter Wurster to ask if the Code Enforcement Office had any role in this action went unanswered.


  1. Personally,I think your reporting on this building had a lot,if not everything to do with this recent boarding up of windows ,and your relaying Alderman Haddad's input,on history of delays HPC had with Galloway on this building,when he was a member.
    I credit you ,for having had someone put pressure on Galloway.Thank-you.
    This latest destruction of sidewalk and street was started in July and was to take 4 weeks.Its Nov 28th.The Mayor's claim in R.S.,it was National Grid and Verizon's fault,was totally bogus..Too long to get into here.
    They also cleaned up that mess of a work site
    a little.There has been more activity,
    as thier days are numbered on pouring concrete,before freeze.
    That plastic had been there since my battling with C.C. and Bldg.Dept,that was put up over broken shards of glass at kids school bus stop ,on Sept 6,2011, when Galloway was gut demoing without a permit and wide open windows.There still is no permit out there,for laying gas and water lines and digging up sidewalk and half the street, only the one from Sept, 2011,I demanded, for interior demo.
    Today,with no traffic control or supervision whatsoever,they had a Backhoe,parked sideways,taking up entire lane of N3rd which is 23B/9G,which is heavily trafficked by enormous tractor trailers/semi's/cars,some are huge tanker trucks hauling flammable materials ,that have just finished making a very difficult dangerous turn onto N3rd,from Columbia,and are not expecting to change lanes into oncoming traffic.Those trucks can barely make it up incline,from a dead stop, jackknifed turn,so they are just getting up to speed. It was utter mayhem,with cars,trucks pulling out blindly into on coming traffic.
    ,missing each other by inches.The workers digging holes,which are 4ft deep and installing curbs ,had their backs turned the entire time.This went on for hours.And when on break,left huge holes yesterday,wide open,with no curbs yet and no warning they were there at all,unattended.I just hope that one of those trucks don't slam into my house.
    I'm worn out.Over 5yrs of this crap,next door to me.I'm amazed there hasn't been a terrible accident,as this is also a neighborhood of children,elderly and pedestrians,albeit the North Side,where apparently we are invisible.

  2. I would like to share with Gossips a bit of History of the building, 260 Warren St & North 3rd.
    My Father's family (D'Onofrio) owned a business across the street at 255 Warren.
    It started as a shoe production store, shoe salon, became a restaurant/tavern until sold in the 1970's.
    I grew up in the area from the early 1950's until the late 1960's.
    My best friends lived at 260 Warren, in the apartment on the 2nd Floor that faced Warren & 3rd streets.
    At the end of the 3rd street side of the building was a tinsmith's shop, Mr. Hawver's &a small lot on the alley corner that had the small remains of a building destroyed by fire.
    I was told at an early age that a Bakery was located there & had been destroyed by fire.
    This must have been the Connelly Bros. Bakery that you mention.
    The street level business at Warren St & 3rd was McKenna's, a restaurant bar.
    Did you know that Hudson had over 50 local restaurant/bars during the 1950's & 60's, with six located on Warren between 2nd & 3rd.
    So that's my bit of knowledge of the area.

  3. Such a prime corner...sad to see it going wasted

  4. The prime corner referred to above by Greg Draiss is owned by Mr. Eric Galloway through an entity I believe.

    We all know Mr. Galloway despises Hudson, makes no effort to crack a smile or give a nod or wave when in public, and as a result, is among the most unwelcome people in our city.

    He owns a plethora of properties within our city, and he is willfully holding back Hudson's stellar progress.

    Don't be sad, be ANGRY, and join in our collective fight to do something about this shadowy menace to our community.

  5. For many months now Gossips has shared with its readers Illustrated Hudson 1905. I find it an excellent source of pictorial & written articles of commerce in Hudson with a then & now comparison of the buildings.
    I would like to know what Gossips' originally intended to achieve by each Part being published.
    I myself find it a great opportunity to share information of the properties as much as possible from 1905 to today.
    It is also a format to voice ones opinions on the present state of rehab, demolishion, etc of the properties too. Even to challenge the process of the Galloway building restoration/rehab & I trust other property owners as well.
    Does anyone want a new Gossips report on the status of all Galloway Hudson properties (and others) with pics, building details as to WIP, completion dates, code violations, etc. & keep it to facts only? It could be written in a similar fashion with Articles Numbered in a continuos format & referred to for future updates. I would like it to be honest, factual & omit personal attacts on all parties involved, Galloway & City Officials, etc.
    This type of reporting could move the projects forward & hold people accountable to City Codes, Building Codes, Taxes, & the safety of the Citizens of Hudson.
    Just maybe it could become a benchmark as how to report to the public the inner workings of purchasing a building, reconstruction/restoration, code enforcement, inspection processes & a basic guide as to what to do & what to avoid doing.
    Plus exposing questionable decsions or favortism given to any indvidual building owner.
    So what say you?

  6. I, for one, think that is a splendid idea!