Friday, November 30, 2012

Hudson in the News . . . Near and Far

Olde Hudson and the Inn at Hudson were the subjects of articles in Remodelista: Sourcebook for Considered Living.

Marina Abramovich was in Abu Dhabi recently, where, in an interview for Gulf News, she talked about her plans for an institute for performing arts here in Hudson: "The memory as the canvas."

Thanks to H. A. and B. H for bringing these articles to Gossips attention.


  1. It's interesting to track Abramovich's statements about her involvement in Hudson. This past summer she said she was raising $15 million for her endeavor here; now from Abu Dhabi she says $50 million.

    1. I think the UAE interviewer may simply have misheard. Fifteen and fifty do sound a little alike.

  2. Hey, in Abu Dhabi, why not shoot the moon?

  3. The words “fifty” and “fifteen” can sound a lot a like, not least when spoken with a light accent. It’s possible the reporter simply misheard, and that the price remains $15M.


  4. In same issue today of Remoldelista:is also great photo essay on
    "The Inn at Hudson, New Wave Iconography Included by Alexa" I missed it at first,then had trouble sharing it,so posted it on Hudson Community Board and was able to share from there.
    These came to me via friend in Montreal,as Remoldelista is international,magazine.