Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Hudson on the 11 O'Clock News

The WRGB-TV Channel 6 News coverage of tonight's Common Council meeting is now online. Without mention of the four journalists who no longer work at the Register-Star, TV news is sensationally spinning the story as the "Pledge of Allegiance Controversy." 


  1. In this day is it really a "news story" when someone does not stand for the pledge. I always do but is it not the right not to if you choose?

  2. Register-Star publisher Coleman is just showing the bosses that he's capable of "content creation," as newspaper owner John B. Johnson puts it.

    Mr. Friedman is in the best position to guide the story back into shape. I hope he does.

  3. Greg: You're absolutely right to question if this is really a news story. That question has been at the center of this from the beginning. Your comment inspired me to change the title of this post from "Hudson in the News" to "Hudson on the 11 O'Clock News." That seems to capture better the spirit of the thing.

  4. Glad I could use my media influence for a good cause!!!
    Greg Draiss
    Brewer, Broadcaster, Farmer,
    Poet,Radical Revolutionary

  5. Too bad that they had to rely on one of their CBS correspondents/freelance photographers, to get the desired spin.

  6. DAR, do you think it's foolish to imagine the hand of Mr. Coleman in this? Nine times out of ten the desired spin must be manufactured. (Perhaps you meant that, in which case I beg your pardon.)