Friday, November 2, 2012

Human Sexual Response at Helsinki

On Halloween, an article by Matt Parish appeared in the Boston Globe, heralding the reunion concert, thirty years after their breakup, of the New Wave band Human Sexual Response: "Boston to experience Human Sexual Response again."

The concert in Boston takes place on Saturday, November 10, but three days before that, on Wednesday, November 7, the band, which includes Hudson's best beloved innkeepers, Dini Lamot and Windle Davis, will reassemble right here in Hudson for a performance at Club Helsinki

With the reunion concerts, Human Sexual Response will also release their self-produced DVD, Unba Unba, a video recording of a show performed in Boston thirty years ago. The photograph above is a still from Unba Unba.


  1. Is that Dini on the hood, and Windle with the bangs?

  2. Dini is in the front seat and his brother Larry Bangor (also a Hudson homeowner) is on the hood. Yes the sheepdog exiting the back seat is me uh 30 years ago. Windle
    BTW I drove my Checker for 347000 miles, miss it.
    Thank you Carole !

  3. You guys are the best!Can't wait!Hudson,
    is so lucky.

  4. AMAZING - filled the stage last night with so much energy and talent !