Thursday, May 20, 2010

Crashing in Hudson

Last night, sometime between 10:30 and 11, a stranger to Hudson, who was looking for the way out, got the accelerator stuck on his Jeep Cherokee. He came roaring up the hill at Second and Warren, veered to the right as he crossed the intersection, plowed between the stop sign and the lamppost, taking out the trash barrel, and crashed through the front window of the Deffebach Gallery.

Colliding with the front window wasn't enough to stop the vehicle. It continued far into the gallery, demolishing the art in its path and stopping only when it reached the wall of the gallery manager's office at the back of the building.

Sarah Sterling just sent me this great picture of the scene last night, as the Jeep was being towed out of the building.


  1. And I thought my fender bender was embarrassing!


  2. I heard it was someone attempting to run over someone else! I rather liked that story, but wonder about its veracity.

  3. Seriously, what a fantastic reason for a party! Stay tuned!!! Wendy and Kim