Sunday, May 16, 2010

Galloway Gallery: Exhibit 8

These three vacant lots--215-219 Union Street--are owned by Eric Galloway's "Historic Preservation Group." The lots, which are on the south side of the street, extend from Union to Partition Street. Directly opposite these lots, on the north side of Union Street, are three corresponding vacant lots, extending from Union Street to Cherry Alley, that belong to Hudson Electric. Together these vacant lots create a great void in what feels like the geographic center of the First Ward.

I've heard that the stables for the General Worth Hotel, which was on Warren Street where Hudson Electric is now, were located on these Union Street lots. If that's true, they've been vacant for a very long time, since the stables were undoubtedly demolished long before the General Worth was razed in 1972. If anyone has any information about the history of these lots--the ones on the south side of the street or the north side--please share it.

One wonders (and worries) what future development plans may emerge for these lots.


  1. The North Side lots: up until the 60's a row of car garages were there on Union St side. It was purchased by the former Mt. Carmel Church (the garages torn down) to be used as parking for parishners & erected basketball courts/play area too.

    Across the street there was a two story dwelling that was an apartment house.
    I am unsure of the purchaser & how it became an empty lot.

  2. Thanks, Anonymous, for sharing this information!