Sunday, May 2, 2010

Go to Hudson

Hudson has a new website! It's part of an effort to promote Hudson and Hudson businesses spearheaded by Melinda Slover, the proprietor of Lili and Loo, and the Go To Hudson Campaign Team: Paul Barrett, Carolyn Lawrence, Joan Castle, and Lynn Sloneker. The site offers lots of information, pictures, and links to Hudson businesses, venues, and organizations and portrays Hudson as the cool and happening destination that it is.

A criticism and an appreciation: The Home Page, which is also an ad that's been appearing in various publications, sadly underestimates the number of historic buildings in Hudson. There are 300 on Warren Street alone. In the entire city, there are way more than 700. But kudos to the group for coming up with a new descriptive name for Hudson: "Upstate's Downtown." It's smart, uniquely descriptive, and far more appropriate than the tired old sobriquet "The Friendly City," which is shared by many other municipalites in the United States and hardly suits a city where fines from parking tickets are viewed as a revenue stream. The Common Council may want to consider adopting it as the City's official epithet.

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