Tuesday, May 18, 2010

School District Election Results

Budget passed 761 to 658
Roof proposition passed 790 to 616

Board of Education
Merante 717
Daly 663
Cukerstein 593
Haddad 422
Rice 263

Dan Barrett, treasurer for HCSD, reports that 1,481 people voted at the polls and 66 voted absentee for a total of 1,547--only about 16 percent of the 9,504 voters who are registered. Curiously, 128 of those who voted didn't bother to vote aye or nay on the budget.


  1. Awesome!! We elected a corrections officer. Did anyone else find it strange that there were 5 "switches" for 6 candidates? Carrie being that last candidate with a switch and then Merante on the end, with no "switch"?

    Is Hudson still that Backwards as to elect a Prison Guard for a school board position?

  2. Not sure where Anonymous got six candidates. There were only five in the race. Are you implying that Merante was listed twice -- once with a "switch" by his name and once without a "switch"?

    If you saw such a thing, please tell me where it was so we can fix it. This would be a serious mistake.

    peter meyer
    member of the board

  3. excuse me, 5. how would one vote for merante, who was written with pen on a piece of paper and stuck up next to carrie, who was the last person listed next to a switch? he was not listed twice, I just found it strange that his was A. hand written B. without a switch.

  4. I did not know we could vote absentee for school board! I was away for work this week and am sorry to have missed this election, but will make sure to never miss another. Low voter turn-out always bothers me; I hate being part of the 84% who didn't vote.