Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hudson Proud

Yesterday was a glorious day in Hudson. After two days of rain, the sun returned, bringing a day that was crisp and brilliant. The city was filled with tourists--many of whom had come for Historic Hudson's Old House Tour. The tour attracted more than 175 people--local old house enthusiasts and supporters of Historic Hudson, as well as visitors from such places as Dutchess County, Berkshire County, New York City, and Boston. People on the tour expressed delight both with the houses they saw and with the city itself.

The Old House Tour wasn't the only thing happening in Hudson yesterday. In the morning, there was the annual Blessing of the Animals at Christ Church. In the evening, there were exhibition openings at the Hudson Opera House, Carrie Haddad Photographs, Davis Orten Gallery, and BCB Art, the inaugural concert of the ClaverackLanding series at Club Helsinki, and, as the Register-Star reported this morning, there was a wedding at St. Mary's Church, after which the bride and groom strolled along Warren Street as they made their way from the church to their reception at the Cannonball Factory: "A fall wedding captured." 

That's our town! Pretty amazing.


  1. Yes, "Our Town" is pretty amazing and it takes people who care to make it such. You are one of these people.

  2. Thank you, Schlock! How sweet of you to say that.