Tuesday, October 19, 2010

UPDATE: 226-228 Warren Street

Gossips has learned from Code Enforcement Officer Peter Wurster that he and Tom Swope, chair of the Historic Preservation Commission, met this morning with the builder working at 226-228 Warren Street and the building owner. As an outcome of the meeting, the roofs over the box windows will be removed and replaced with the crown molding that was approved by the Historic Preservation Commission. This will extend over the doors, as shown in the original elevation drawing, and will, according to Wurster, be similar in appearance to what is on the facade of 224 Warren Street. The box windows themselves will remain. As of today, no stop work order has been issued.

One problem with this resolution seems to be that the drawing shows no gap between the windows and the doors at the left and right of the building (and there is none between the windows and the door at 224 Warren), but in reality there is more than a foot between the box windows and the doors that are to share the same crown molding treatment.

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  1. Thank you Carole. Truly Incredible.

    The commissions request that truthful elevations be presented to them is a farce if we continue to lack the courage to punish those who find perjuring themselves easier than obeying our preservation laws.

    The proportions aren't even close. And those doors, those bloody doors!!