Sunday, October 17, 2010

"They Paved Paradise . . . "

On a recent visit to Willard Place, I noticed that the street, as it circles around at the end of this historic neighborhood, had been widened, encroaching on the green area that is the centerpiece of Willard Park. It seems odd that the City should take such action when the question of whether Willard Park is parkland or "excess city land" has yet to be decided in court.  

A Willard Place resident explained that over the summer workers rehabbing the interior of one of the "Greek Revival" houses introduced onto Willard Place in recent years had parked their vehicles on the grass in the circle, leaving it a rutted mess. The solution seems to have been simply to pave over the damaged area. This action brings to mind a suggestion made by former Second Ward Alderman Quintin Cross back in 2004 when the question of parking for the new houses was being discussed. Cross's idea: Pave the circle and make it a parking lot.  


  1. inch by inch ... step by step ...

  2. Peggy Anderson sent this comment to me and asked me to post it for her:

    I just want to put my 2 cents worth in about the damage to the street on Willard. That was my contracting job, and the workers did not park on that side of the street, rather they parked on the side where the house is located. It is possible that cars went over the grass to get by, although it is my recollection that my workers were quite considerate regarding pulling over as far as possible and that did leave plenty of room for cars to get by. And, btw, they parked there to be out of the way of the B&B and not use all of their parking spaces.

  3. What is now of concern to me, the (relatively) new owner of the larger of the two, much maligned "Greek Revival" houses, is that there is now a rutted mess on the outer perimeter of this cul-de-sac turnabout - right in front of my house. Someone has placed three pumpkin orange cones on this mess so no one else drives into it. Because the actual piece of property where said rutted mess is located is now tied up in litigation, it is not at all clear who is responsible for repairing this - the City or the former owner of my house. This all-so-important sliver of land was not conveyed with the sale of the house, due to the ongoing litigation. Now, the forces of erosion appear to be winning this battle.

  4. Kenneth--Although vehicles parking there undoubtedly exacerbated the problem, the water, it seems, is the runoff from the roof of your house and the house next door. I'm told there's a pipe just east of the little staircase in front of the houses that delivers all the runoff from the site during a rain event to that spot. I don't know who would be responsible for remedying this. Probably not the previous owner, since he did not create the situation, or the City of Hudson, since there was no site plan review of the subdivision and no study of the impact of constructing the houses on the hydrology.