Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Grants from the Galvan Foundation

The Register-Star reports today on the most recent round of grants made by the Galvan Foundation: "Galvan Foundation awards $135K in most-recent grants." The lion's share--$80,000--went to the Friends of the First Presbyterian Church to restore the stained glass window in the church's Gothic facade. 

A year ago, the window's deteriorated condition made it necessary to cover it with panels to protect both the window and the public. According to Phil Forman, president of the Friends of the First Presbyterian Church and a member of the Historic Preservation Commission, $80,000 is "half of the total dollar amount we need for the window" and "puts within reach an accurate historic restoration that re-creates the beauty of the original 1876 window to shine again." 

Although historic preservation is one of seven categories for Galvan Foundation grant making, this grant is only the second that has been made to a project classified as "Historic Preservation." The first was a grant of $1,000 awarded to State Street A.M.E. Zion Church "to provide general support for ongoing renovations" to a building that is not generally considered historic.


  1. Kudos to the Galvan Foundation for this.

  2. ...i'd gladly part with a few coin if the clock at the church were turned into a tourist attraction. a bit of money would have to be spent to make it safe for visitors but from then on the church will have an income generator. i spoke with the pastor about this, she thinks it a good idea, same principle as a lighthouse and there are quite a few now making money instead of falling into disrepair. Hudson's version of an Eiffel Tower.. for now the clock, in ten years maybe access to the steeple, that view has got to be incredible. ...