Sunday, November 12, 2023

Living Up to Its Name

Ever since its founding in 1959, the library in Hudson has been called the Hudson Area Library. It was chartered to serve the City of Hudson and the towns of Greenport and Stockport, but when it came to financial support, the City of Hudson was the principal contributor. With the most recent election, that situation changed slightly.

Photo: Times Union
In Tuesday's election, the ballot in Greenport included the following proposition: "Shall the annual contribution of the Town of Greenport for the operating budget of the Hudson Area Association Library be $85,000 annually?" The proposition passed, with 647 yes votes and 409 no votes.  

Of course, last year the voters of Hudson agreed to increase Hudson's annual contribution to the library's operating budget by $100,000, raising it from $250,000 to $350,000.

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  1. Probably still not enough money for the library to invest in some much needed shades for the windows facing south with all that direct sun in the winter afternoons making things difficult for patrons and workers alike. I've actually heard a worker complain about the bright glare. Year after year, from their desk facing the blinding sun.