Thursday, November 2, 2023

Parking Reassurance

As the weather grows colder (there was sleet yesterday!), and we approach the first weekend in November, it is natural to wonder about the summertime suspension on weekends of alternate side of the street overnight parking. When will it end?

In years past, the suspension was sometimes over at the end of October and sometimes over at the end of September, so for those of us who've been around for a while, whether it still applies this weekend is a reasonable question. 

Gossips got the answer today from Michael Hofmann, aide to Mayor Kamal Johnson. The suspension of alternate side of the street overnight parking will continue through November. Alternate side rules for weekend overnight parking will resume on the first weekend of December, which is also the weekend of Winter Walk.

1 comment:

  1. The alternate side parking rule is meant to allow the DPW Street sweeper to do its thing. Even though DPW does not operate the sweeper in the winter (because it operates with water spray), HPD continues to issue $15 WRONG SIDE and $25 NO PARKING ZONE tickets in the early mornings throughout the winter, mainly to residents, of course. HPD could stop issuing tickets when the sweeper is inactive and there is no need for us to park on one side or the other, but it doesn't. Why? Because the city is addicted to parking tickets, especially those that are essentially unnecessary and an undue burden to residents. A competent mayor or city manager could put an end to this: If the sweeper is not out, HPD will not be out issuing overnight tickets!
    It's simple: A parked car NOT IN THE WAY of the street sweeper, no matter the season, should not be ticketed for being in the way of the street sweeper!