Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Comeuppance for Straying Off the Truck Route

Heading out for a brief walk in the neighborhood this morning, Joey and I encountered an unusual sight. An 18-wheeler attempting to turn off Second Street onto Allen Street was blocking the intersection, unable to move forward because a parked vehicle blocked its way.

The driver claimed he had just been following the directions provided by his GPS, but he couldn't get free of his current predicament unless the owner of the blue pickup could be located and asked to move the vehicle. The pickup truck appeared to be a tradesman's vehicle, and I suggested that the driver of the 18-wheeler inquire at the open door at Talbott & Arding, which leads to the cellar or some kind of utility area. 

Apparently my suggestion worked because, as Joey and I were circling back from our brief walk, I saw the blue pickup truck drive up Allen Street and then a police car, summoned by a neighbor to deal with the problem, drive down Allen Street. When we reached Allen Street again, we watched the 18-wheeler, now freed, proceed up Allen Street, after a brief exchange with the officer in the police car.

Since truck drivers exercise such blind faith when following their GPS, wouldn't it be grand if their GPS could route them in a way that avoided the narrow streets of Hudson altogether?

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  1. not to nit-pick Carol, but the resolution of this mess was the quick thinking of a neighbor, who knew that the owner of the blue pick-up was a contractor working at a private home. He moved his truck so the 18-wheeler could make its way up Allen Street. Talbot & Arding had nothing to do with this.