Saturday, May 10, 2014

Another Old House Lost

It is always distressing that in a city like Hudson, where historic architecture should be among its most valued assets, houses keep getting demolished. The latest victim was a little house at the corner of Fairview Avenue and Bayley Boulevard.

The house was quite small and very old, predating by perhaps as much as a century the early 20th-century houses that surrounded it. A source from the neighborhood told Gossips that someone had purchased the house recently with the intention of rehabilitating it. In fact, as those who pass that way often can attest, work toward that end had begun. Ultimately, however, it was determined that the amount of work required to rehab the house was too great. So swiftly and without fanfare, the house was demolished earlier this week. The word is that a brand-new house is expected to take its place.


  1. A historic house in Hollowville had a chimney fire - only damaged the roof - the owner was allegedly distraught over the loss of his childhood home - it was an easy repair - but he fought the insurance company to make sure his "love" was demolished so he could have an Alvarez modular instead. Allegedly these things are also available fully furnished . Now his "home" matches the trailer park across the street. lovely

    1. How sad and ignorant of your neighbor

  2. Sadder yet is the tone of condescension reflected in the prior two comments.