Monday, May 26, 2014

What's Happening for 260 State Street

Many's the time I have contemplated this house while waiting for the light to change at the intersection of Third and State. It intrigues me.

Articles like "Private Residences," which appeared in the Hudson Evening Register in 1867, give the impression that all the domestic architecture worthy of note in Hudson in the 19th century was located either on Warren Street or south of Warren Street, on Union and Allen streets. This rather grand house with its mansard roof (which may not have been built yet in 1867, since the heyday of mansard roofs didn't start until the 1870s) suggests that State Street was not without its houses of distinction in the 19th and early 20th centuries. 

Although in the mid-20th century this house suffered some indignities--windows were moved or eliminated, aluminum storm windows were installed, and the house was covered with vinyl siding--we learned over the weekend, from an article in the New York Times, that something good is happening for this house: "Plan B: Open a Country Hotel in Upstate New York."


  1. A shame that us Hudsonites can't save these beauty houses; an absolute joy that outsiders can.

  2. I've always been attracted to this house as well. I wish the new owners all the best

  3. me too, this could be a page turner.

  4. As a kid in the 50's-60's Mrs. Garmus and her 2 daughters lived in the bottom right apt. She was a nurse and her daughter Christine was my school chum/sometime playmate until the winter day she decided to place her tongue on the cyclone fence out back. Between the sounds of her argghs and her eyes casting their way toward me, I started bubbling out laugher. I told her to try and spit... I had tried that tongue thing once myself and warned her before she did it. In the end her mother blamed me! Ah well... that house had it's fill of families. Renewal is very good but really only last for a couple generations when it has to be done all over again. It is great seeing the old haunt. I'll try and add a pic of the place outback from 2001 when I visited about Hudson. It'll be in the profile icon.