Monday, May 12, 2014

Mark Your Calendars

The Hudson River Exchange is returning to Henry Hudson Riverfront Park on Saturday and Sunday, June 28 and 29. 

The enormously successful summer market launched last year on the hottest weekend of the summer is returning for a second year to riverfront park. Co-founders Stella Yoon, Katherine Moore, and Kate Sterlin report that the Hudson River Exchange is becoming the place for artisans to debut new lines. "We are inspired," says Yoon, "by the success of our inaugural event at the riverfront, and continue to plan to produce more events that provide venues for our makers and collectors. As we develop, we are finding it incredibly important to keep getting the word out about who we are, makers whose mission is to promote the community of fellow makers and collectors, what we do, create places of exchange--conventional and unconventional--and why we do it, to support sustainability of commerce, craft, and creativity." 

To learn more about what's planned for this summer's market, click here.

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  1. Unfortunately, not everyone is invited. My partner Allison, who has had an art gallery, Olivia On Warren, the Tortillaville food truck, and has done several local web design, or design jobs was snubbed by the decision makers $10 fee and all. Allison makes beautiful jewelry, and was hoping to showcase it at the exchange. Instead, she was denied. I, for one, am offended.