Thursday, May 8, 2014

Of Interest

If you're curious about those rules and regulations the mayor is using to justify banning dogs from the cemeteries, it has been discovered that the booklet is online at the City of Hudson website. To access it, click here.

It makes interesting reading. Although the booklet bears no date or authorship, the language suggests that it was written rather a long time ago. (There is one reference to a $50 fee for "perpetual care" of coping around individual graves.) Here are two items of prohibition from the booklet:
No vehicle shall be driven through the grounds at a speed exceeding twelve miles per hour. No bicycles nor tricycles will be allowed within the grounds. No bicycling within grounds. Includes tricycles, motor bikes and childrens' [sic] riding equipment.
Persons with firearms shall not be permitted to enter the grounds except on occasions of military funerals and on Memorial Day.
That bit about firearms calls to mind what happened last year when the Common Council tried to ban firearms from municipal buildings and city parks. 

Too bad dog owners don't seem to wield the same clout with city government as gun owners. 


  1. Was in the cemetary, in my car today and I paused to give a thumbs up to a very nice lady walking her dog. A couple of blocks further I saw a city vehicle rapidly headed her way. I don't know where the city vehicle went as it was going way to fast to follow and I lost it. So much for the 12 mph cemetery "rule" not to mention the 30 mph city speed limit. And yes, I know who it was but i would not want to shame another city official by revealing more.

  2. I will be very sad if the dog people don't get organized like the gun people. Hey John, what kind of dog do you have? Most dogs come armed to the teeth, and they give fair warning before using them!

  3. The citizens of Hudson might be better off letting dogs run free and keeping their politicians on a (short) leash...