Saturday, May 3, 2014

Dog Tales: The Indomitable William

When you live with a very old dog, each day is a gift. Although I cannot imagine my life without William, I know full well that immortality is not an option. Time's winged chariot is hurrying near. 

As William's sixteenth birthday approached, I feared that he might not live to enjoy the birthday party I was planning for him. But he did. Then I worried that he might not make it to another significant annual event in our life together: the reopening of LICK for the season. He made that, too. On Friday afternoon, we shared an ice cream cone--the first of the season--at LICK. Here's William devouring his share of the ice cream and the entire cone.

The next goal is our fifteenth anniversary, which is August 15. It seems a long way off, but I hope my indomitable dog and I will be able to celebrate it together.

Thanks to Scott Baldinger for snapping this picture of William and me   


  1. I really do enjoy all your posts about your best friend & companion William. Isn't it amazing the joy a pet brings; please pet me, let's go for a walk, I'm hungry & most of all I love you-come here & let me lick your face.
    Enjoy all your walks & special treats along the way.
    Thanks Carole, we love you and William.

  2. Hi William
    Happy Birthday
    do you know of Dr Rothstein the vet in Saugerties? He has me on a combo of herbs that are keeping me bouncy despite my advanced age- he has all kinds of ways to combine herbs for a variety of issues
    - Lily - English Setter- 13 yrs