Thursday, May 1, 2014

Gossips Celebrates National Preservation Month

Tra la! It's May! And May is National Preservation Month. For the second year, Gossips encourages readers to get out and appreciate the remarkable historic architecture that surrounds us by challenging you all to "The Gossips of Rivertown Architectural Detail Hunt."

Every day during the month of May, Gossips will publish the photograph of a different architectural detail found somewhere in Hudson. Your job, if you care to accept it, is to identify the address of the building on which the detail is found. Keep a numbered list of the addresses and, at the end of the month, submit that list to Gossips. (Throughout the month--usually before a weekend--Gossips will provide a walking list you can print out and carry with you as walk [or cycle or drive] about the streets of Hudson.) Click here to find out who participated in Gossips' architectural detail hunt last year and see the details they identified.

So, before the first day of May slips away, here is the first detail for 2014:


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