Saturday, May 3, 2014

Gossips Celebrates National Preservation Month: Historic Detail No. 3

For a second May, Gossips is observing National Preservation Month by challenging readers to get out, look around, appreciate the details that make historic architecture so remarkable, and participate in the second annual Historic Detail Hunt. Find the details Gossips publishes each day, record the address of the building on which each is found, and submit your list to Gossips at the end of the month. Detail No. 1 and Detail No. 2 have already been published. Here's Detail No. 3: 


  1. Only in Hudson, can politicans "move" a historical building to a junk yard or erase the prehistoric use with a bull dozer.

  2. Historical control of shore; Pharaoh, Emperor, King, People.

    Who rules Hudson's shore?

    1 Riparian