Monday, May 12, 2014

Help with Spring Cleaning

On Wednesday, the Department of Public Works is providing Hudson residents an alternative to this time honored method of disposing of large unwanted items.

For one day--Wednesday, May 14--DPW will transport castoff bulk items--appliances, furniture, tires, mattresses, and the like--to the transfer station. The hauling is free, but disposal at the transfer station is not, so you must pay the disposal fee in advance. Call the DPW office at 828-9458 to make those arrangements and schedule a pickup.

Also on Wednesday, DPW will be picking up brush and leaves from spring cleanup of lawns and gardens. Presumably all you have to do if you have yard waste to get rid of is put it in biodegradable leaf bags and set at the curb. For complete information, click here

The photo by Bob Mechling is from Sam Pratt's series "Land of the Free"

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