Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Just a Matter of Time

News Channel 13 and WAMC reported this morning that four tank cars carrying Bakken crude oil derailed yesterday near Albany.


  1. We won't need to worry/plan/use/enjoy "our" waterfront if Oil is allowed to ruin it

  2. The question(s) is what caused the derailment?
    Track, car wheel, etc. failure? Or sabotage?
    Petroleum will always be transported along rail, road & waterway because of our way of life.
    From the simple plastic bag, your water bottle, auto & home fuel, we need oil.
    Reduce your use, demand safe modes of oil transport & inspection of same.
    It's a fine mess we've gotten ourselves in, isn't it.
    I wonder if those green party people in Europe have come up with solutions for oil transport & demand?

    1. This isn't about petroleum for domestic use.This is about Bakken crude oil, for export.
      "The incident comes as Gov. Andrew Cuomo and other state officials press the Obama administration to tighten federal safety standards in the after several derailments in which tank cars carrying Bakken crude exploded into flame." Times Union