Thursday, May 22, 2014

Mrs. Greenthumbs Day

Every year for two or three years, a decade or so ago, Hudson celebrated Mrs. Greenthumbs Day, honoring the memory of Hudson's most talented, most exuberant, and most famous gardener, Cassandra Danz, who had a local radio show, appeared on national television, and wrote books as Mrs. Greenthumbs.

Mrs. Greenthumbs Day was observed with the most democratic of garden tours. People with gardens they loved, worked hard at, and were proud of opened their gardens to fellow gardeners, gardener wannabes, and garden appreciators. It was a unique opportunity to view gardens hidden behind buildings and fences and to get inside gardens that could only be tantalizingly glimpsed from the street. 

This year, a group of people--mostly gardeners but not all--are bringing back Mrs. Greenthumbs Day. The date has been selected--Sunday, July 20--and five gardens have already signed on--three on Union Street, one on North Third Street, and one on East Court Street. Gardeners in Hudson are invited to add their gardens to the tour. Just send an email to Gossips saying you want to be part of this very special event. We'll put your garden on the map, and on the morning of the tour, deliver a balloon to mark the entrance to your garden.

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