Friday, May 30, 2014

Summer Break for Alternate Side of the Street Parking

Gossips learned for the first time on Tuesday night, at the Police Committee meeting, that alternate side of the street parking has been suspended on weekends since May 1. 

For the past four weekends we could have parked overnight on either side of the street, on Friday and Saturday nights, without fear of punishment. So, whichever side of the street your car is parked on now, it can stay there tonight and tomorrow night, too. 

Although we missed out on four weekends of free and unfettered overnight parking, we still have four months of it to look forward to. The suspension continues until the end of September.

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  1. Thank you ... Just as was the case last year, you were the only one to publicly report this again this year. I have been on the city's website as well as the Hudson Police Facebook page at not one mention of it. It amazes me! Thanks for letting us know and all of the "gossip" you keep us up to date on ... Your readers truly appreciate it!