Thursday, May 22, 2014


According to an article that appeared in the Huffington Post, there is abundant anecdotal evidence that black dogs are routinely ignored by people who come to shelters to adopt dogs. This phenomenon, known as "Black Dog Syndrome" or "Black Dog Bias," inspired photographer Fred Levy, of Maynard, MA, to create a photo series he calls the Black Dogs Project--black dogs photographed against a black background. One of Levy's subjects bears a striking resemblance to the beloved William (in his younger days), who was adopted from a shelter in 1999.


  1. Yes, I've heard that, also. Some shelters have 'Black Dog Month' when fees are reduced for those who adopt black dogs. I adopted my Reba. a black Lab mix, 11 yrs ago, partly because they stay in shelters longer, in her case 3 yrs, and partly because most of my clothes are black:)

  2. Smart to match your dog to your wardrobe, Judy. I'd do the same!

  3. Virginia, it would have been smarter to match her to the carpet.